Executive post

Cabinet Member for Social Regeneration, Great Estates and New Council Homes



To deliver regeneration and new homes which benefits our communities. Establish a Southwark Construction Company to ensure that the council builds more of their own homes, delivering jobs to local people. To facilitate the sustainable regeneration of Southwark’s communities in partnership with local residents and businesses. To deliver the council’s commitment of 11,000 new council homes and 1,000 more at London Living rent.


The cabinet member will lead the council’s work on improving our high streets, business space and new shops. To ensure that our regeneration delivers not just new homes for local people, but social change and improvement for Southwark residents. To ensure that the wider social aspects of regeneration benefit local communities.


To improve Southwark’s housing with the Great Estate Guarantee, and working with the Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Modernisation give local residents the tools they need to improve their own estates.


The cabinet member will have particular responsibility for:


·  the council’s long term housing strategy, working with the Cabinet member for Growth, Development and Planning and the Cabinet member for Housing and Modernisation.

·  reform of right to buy

·  social regeneration

·  high street planning and making high streets healthier

·  building more homes of every kind including 11,000 new council homes

·  1,000 more homes at London Living Rent

·  Southwark Construction Company and construction jobs

·  Great Estates Guarantee working with the Cabinet Member for Housing and Modernisation

·  Supporting residents to improve their estates.


Post is held by