Current ePetitions

A list of active ePetitions and a link to submit a new one.

A petition is a statement about a local issue, supported by the signatures of local residents or those directly affected. A petition can be signed by a person who lives, works or studies in Southwark. A member of the public or a councillor can present a petition at a community council meeting, the cabinet, or council assembly.

For further assistance please contact the constitutional team on 020 7525 7234 or

For more information about submitting a petition, you can also refer to the Southwark Council petition scheme.

Title Respondents Deadline to sign by
Support the Dulwich road closures 59 30/11/2020
Bring back the sheep on Goose Green in East Dulwich. 1 30/11/2020
Reverse Dulwich Road Closures 2939 21/12/2020
Establish a Borough & Bankside neighbourhood council 1 31/03/2021
To stop the road closures happening in Peckham Rye - Covid-19 Experimental Travel Measures 4 19/04/2021
Protecting children at St. John's and St. Clement's - closing Adys and Amott Roads at school drop off and pick up. 51 16/07/2021