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Support the Dulwich road closures

We the undersigned petition the council to maintain and complete as soon as possible the road closure programme which has recently been announced by Southwark Council in respect of roads in and around Dulwich Village. We agree with the council that making these changes is essential to make those roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists and encourage residents and non-resident to move away from their dependency on cars.

Unfortunately there has been a small backlash against the extremely sensible road changes proposed by Southwark Council in respect of the closure of roads in and around Dulwich Village.

Most of these closures are time limited to rush hours when road in Dulwich Village and Herne Hill become heavily congested by those using side roads rather than the main A roads.

These changes are vital to:

(a) reduce pollution in East Dulwich, Dulwich Village and Herne Hill

(b) reduce the number of cars, vans and lorries using minor roads as rat-runs in the morning and evening rush hours

(c) make cycling and walking a more attractive option for residents

(d) encourage children and their parents out of their cars and on to more environmentally sustainable traffic.

We note that it is unfortunate that Southwark Council did not bring in all the changes at once and that this failure has led to traffic build up on minor roads such as Dulwich Village and Burbage Road - both of which will shortly have permeable road closures at peak hours. However, we consider these changes should be brought in as soon as possible so residents can consider in the round the impact of the whole scheme and the improvement to the environment that these changes will bring.

This ePetition ran from 28/09/2020 to 30/11/2020 and has now finished.

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