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Security for Edwin House

We the undersigned petition the council to install a secure entry system in Edwin House in the Bells Gardens Estate

The issues

1. Club-goers from central Peckham find Edwin House the first accessible place to relieve themselves in the lifts.

2. School kids take over the lifts in the afternoons and teenagers hang out to smoke in the lifts and landings in the evening.

3. Late at night prostitutes carry out their business on the stairs and in the lifts, holding up the lifts.

4. Rough sleepers have easy access and have on occasion setting up beds in the block.

5. When the police attend a call, the high visibility from the block and the multiple exits mean any offenders have time to flee before the police can apprehend them.

6. Cleaners have sometimes been unable to do their job because of the horrific conditions.

The police know that Edwin House is a problem block. Moreover, easy access to Edwin House draws people from
outside the area to cause trouble in our community. It affects not just the block but the whole area.

Our solution: A secure entry system

Edwin House will no longer be an easy target for anti social behaviour.

Residents will feel more control and a greater sense of responsibility for who they invite into the block.

This solution is supported by residents, cleaners, police and our local councillors.

We have been told that residents need to report crime and ASB to release funding, but we feel this blames the victim.

We aim to increase reporting, but the we want the Council to act now because the need is clear. Edwin House was scheduled to have a secure entry system fitted about ten years ago at the same time as neighbouring Bunbury and Angelina Houses, but this was never carried out. Whatever the reason for this, we urge the Council to grant our request to secure our estate from the issues we have outlined above.

On reaching 500 signatures The issue will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting

This ePetition ran from 10/01/2017 to 28/02/2017 and has now finished.

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