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This page allows you to search:

  • All individual decisions by cabinet members
  • Meeting decisions from May 2009.

Please use the Search documents page for meetings held prior to May 2009. For further assistance please contact the constitutional team on 020 7525 7055 or constitutional.team@southwark.gov.uk

Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Nominations to Panels, Boards and Forums 2017-18 ref: 625218/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval, Procurement of contractors for Stage 2 Construction Services for Peckham Palms Project, Bournemouth Close, SE15 ref: 625124/07/201703/08/20170
Gateway 2: Contract award approval - light commercial vehicles for the traded services division23/12/2016For Determination  
Local Development Scheme July 2017 ref: 625024/07/201701/08/20170
Neighbourhood Planning - Application for a Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum for Herne Hill24/07/2017For Determination  
Quietway 7: Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace - determination of statutory objections21/07/2017For Determination  
Department for Education (DfE) Innovation Grant: Award of Grant to Catch 22 ref: 624919/07/201728/07/20170
Gateway 2: Contract award approval - landscaping framework for parks capital programme and Burgess Park west ref: 624819/07/201727/07/2017Call-in expired
Appointments to Outside Bodies 2017-18 and nominations to Shared ICT Service Joint Committee ref: 624318/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Borough Emergency Plan ref: 624518/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Ofsted Inspection Report March 2017 ref: 620518/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Borough-wide Fire Safety ref: 624418/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Gateway 0: Strategic Options Assessment for Service Provision of Professional Technical Services ref: 620718/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Commercial Property: Addition of Income Generating Asset ref: 624718/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Policy and Resources Strategy: 2017-18 and 2018-19 Updated Financial Remit ref: 620818/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Air Quality Strategy and Action Plan (2017 - 2022) ref: 620418/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Council Plan Annual Performance Report 2016-17 ref: 620618/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Gateway 1: Procurement Strategy Approval - Southwark External Solicitors Framework ref: 621118/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Revenue Monitoring Report and Treasury Management 2016-17 Outturn Report ref: 620918/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Outturn Capital Monitoring for 2016-17 and Capital Programme Refresh for 2017-18 to 2026-27 ref: 621018/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Commercial Property Portfolio: Addition of Income Generating Asset ref: 624618/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
Nominations to London Councils Committees, Greater London Employment Forum, Borough Lead Members and London Councils Limited ref: 617313/05/201713/05/2017Not for call-in
Establishment of Committees, Community Councils, Panels and Related Matters 2017-18 ref: 617213/05/201713/05/2017Not for call-in
Amendments ref: 617413/05/201713/05/2017Not for call-in
Executive Functions 2017-18 ref: 617113/05/201713/05/2017Not for call-in
Announcements from the mayor, members of the cabinet or chief executive ref: 616713/05/201713/05/2017Not for call-in
ELECTION OF THE MAYOR ref: 616613/05/201713/05/2017Not for call-in
Proposed changes to Part 4 Contract Standing Orders ref: 611422/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Council Assembly Dates and Calendar of Meetings 2017-18 ref: 611322/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Member Allowances Scheme 2017-2018 ref: 611222/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Pay Policy Statement ref: 611122/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Special Urgency Decisions - Annual Report ref: 611522/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Deputations ref: 610822/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Motion on the theme ref: 610722/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Community Evidence ref: 610622/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Public Question Time ref: 610522/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Petitions ref: 610422/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Amendments ref: 611622/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Members' Motions ref: 611022/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Members' question time ref: 610922/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in
Announcements from the mayor, members of the cabinet or chief executive ref: 609922/03/201722/03/2017Not for call-in



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