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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Temporary Accommodation Allocation, Procurement and PRSO Policies ref: 688910/07/201918/07/2019Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval: Reablement Services (Interim arrangements) ref: 686801/07/201909/07/2019Call-in expired
Grant Variation Request Healthy Living Group ref: 686425/06/201909/07/2019Call-in expired
Quietway - Cornwall Rd to Blackfriars Rd (Meymott Street) ref: 686525/06/201909/07/2019Call-in expired
Gateway 2: Contract award approval electrical works ref: 686214/06/201904/07/2019Call-in expired
Gateway 2: Contract award approval drainage works ref: 686114/06/201904/07/2019Call-in expired
Gateway 2: Contract award approval Void Works for Traded Services ref: 686014/06/201904/07/2019Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Contract award approval for Peckham THI Phase 2 construction ref: 685925/06/201904/07/2019Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval Temporary Accommodation Void Works ref: 686326/06/201904/07/2019Call-in expired
Positive Futures Fund - Phase One ref: 685825/06/201903/07/2019Call-in expired
Route Modernisation Plans (RMP) for Coldharbour Lane ref: 685721/06/201929/06/2019Call-in expired
Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Strategy01/03/2019Recommendations Approved  
Acquisition of site for new affordable housing: former Boys Club, Hawkstone Road, Rotherhithe20/06/2019Recommendations Approved  
New Homes site purchase, SE1520/06/2019Recommendations Approved  
Gateway 3: Contract variation in relation to Willow Walk and deed of settlement ref: 685618/06/201928/06/2019Call-in expired
Digital Public Health in Southwark: Our Strategic Approach ref: 685118/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
New Homes site purchase, SE15 ref: 685218/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Appointments to Outside Bodies 2019-20 ref: 685418/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Introducing a Council Advertising Policy in Southwark ref: 685018/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Southwark Skills Strategy - Delivery Plan progress update ref: 684618/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
A Food Security Plan for Southwark ref: 684918/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Community investment plans - allocation of local CIL ref: 685318/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Southwark Pioneers Fund: Establishment ref: 684518/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Fairer Future Procurement Strategy ref: 684318/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Outturn Capital Monitoring for 2018-19 and Capital Programme Refresh for 2019-20 to 2027-28 ref: 684818/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Policy and Resources Strategy: Revenue Monitoring Outturn, including Treasury Management 2018-19 ref: 684718/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Resident Involvement Review Recommendations ref: 684418/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Gateway 3: Northgate revenues and benefits managed services ref: 685519/06/201927/06/2019Call-in expired
Gateway 2: Contract award approval for material supply ref: 684212/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired
Tenants and Residents Social Improvements Grant (TRSIG) 2019 - 20 ref: 684011/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired
Empowering Communities Programme - Creation of Democracy Fund and Ward Fund ref: 684111/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired