Issue - decisions

Announcements from the mayor, members of the executive or chief executive

30/05/2019 - Announcements from the mayor, members of the cabinet or chief executive

Councillors Peter John and David Noakes paid tribute to Marion Marples, a noted local teacher, community worker and recipient of the Honorary Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Southwark, who passed away suddenly on 30 April 2019.


At this point, the meeting agreed the programme motion.




The order of business and timings for the meeting will be as follows:




12:00 - 12:15

1. Preliminary business and announcements

12:15 – 13:30*

3. Reports

3.1: Executive Functions

3.2: Reform of Community Councils: Empowering Communities Programme

3.3: Changes to Scrutiny Arrangements

3.4: Member Allowances Scheme 2019-20 – Amendment to Special Responsibility Allowances

3.5: Establishment of Committees, Panels and Related Matters

3.6: Nominations to London Councils Committees, Greater London Employment Forum, Borough Lead members,  London Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Common Investment Vehicle (CIV) Ltd and London Councils Limited 2019-20


Note:  Start time is approximate; the meeting will commence at the rise of the civic awards ceremony. Any time left remaining will be rolled into the next items.


* subject to the guillotine rule; maximum 15 minutes debate per item.


That the meeting be conducted as follows:


Item 3.5 Establishment of committees, panels and related matters


To seek the meeting's consent to suspend council assembly procedure rule 4.5.2 in relation to the number of reserve members on the planning committee and agree that the group whips may appoint additional reserve members as follows:


Planning Committee – 8 Places


Labour (6)

Liberal Democrat (2)



Labour (6)

Liberal Democrat (2)