Agenda item

Public Question Time

This is an opportunity for public questions to be addressed to the Chair.


Residents or persons working in the borough may ask questions on any matter in relation to which the council has powers or duties.


Responses may be supplied in writing following the meeting.



Community Youth Provisions Association

Junior McDonald from the Community Youth Provisions Association raised a question on behalf of his organisation which he said had been asked by the council to vacate their premises in the Thomas Carlton Centre.  He criticised that there had been no consultation with his group.  He went on to explain that they felt like they were being bypassed, that no alternative location had been offered, and that the group was challenging the council’s repossession order. He said he wanted to flag up this issue with the Community Council and ask for a reply.


Cllr Colley said that she would be happy raise this issue with the Cabinet Member responsible. Cllr Dolezal said he would be happy to talk to Mr McDonald after the meeting.


ACTION: Chair/Cllr Colley to raise the situation of the Community Youth Provisions Association with the relevant Cabinet Member.




Street works and building control

A resident had submitted the following three questions in writing:


1. Please will the Council report on the progress on the street works at the northern end of Rye Lane, and when they will be completed?


2. Will the Community Council note that there has been no on-site information or explanation for the works or their timetable or progress or delay on them? Will the Council explain what its policy is on providing public information on-site for such works which disrupt the public space?


3. Please will the Council tell us what the position is in relation to the empty site and the building next to it in Rye Lane opposite Nigel Road? The site and adjoining building used to be covered by large hoardings. They have been removed and the site and building are now exposed and appear to be deteriorating. What can be done to stop the building from deteriorating further and also to get it back into good repair? It is one of three buildings forming an important part of that terrace. The other two are in very good condition.”



The Chair read out the following answers received from officers: 


Questions 1 & 2:

The following aspects of the scheme were advertised to the public in local papers and copies mounted on lamps post within the works area, as part of statutory requirement:


·  Notice of proposal for contra –flow cycling on Rye Lane, between Peckham Hill St and Handover Park

·  Traffic Order for road closure notice and duration


In addition works notification letter was delivered to residents/ business within the works area-as per previous attachment, detailing the type of works, duration and emergency contact


There is no such policy.-it comes down to details of contact agreement with FMC [the council’s contractor for highways works] - They are required to provide information on site regarding type of works, duration and emergency contact.


As part of the contract agreement, the Contractor sends out works notification letter 7 days before start of works, as per my previous attachment, outlining the nature of works, duration and emergency contact.


As part of Statutory requirements for Traffic Orders, road closure Notices are also mounted on site, specifying duration of the closure.


I have brought this to the attention of FMC as a matter of urgency.


It needs to be clear we are still within the duration of works and we anticipate completing works 2 months earlier than scheduled.”



Question 3: Officers have opened up an enforcement case to assess if there is a breach of planning control. If there is a breach, officers will look to see what action to take to resolve the breach, which could include the serving of a Section 215 Notice.  Officers will report back to the community council with an update once the initial investigation has taken place.”   



In relation to the answers to questions 1 and 2, a resident criticised the council for not having a policy on keeping the public informed. This was something which most commercial developers had, and the council should replicate this good practice. She also asked for an update on question three to be given to the next meeting.


The Chair supported these comments. Cllr Colley suggested taking this issue back to the Cabinet member responsible. Cllr Dolezal suggested that the policy should also include contractors keeping the sites clean. 



ACTION: Chair to write to the Cabinet member for transport, environment and recycling about the council’s policy on providing public information on-site for works which disrupt the public space; and to invite the Cabinet member to a future Community Council meeting.



ACTION: Tom Buttrick to report back to the next Community Council meeting about any developments regarding the empty site and the building next to it in Rye Lane, opposite Nigel Road.



The Hope Pub


The following question had been submitted in writing:


“Regarding the closure of ‘the Hope’ pub Rye Lane.


The pub is under threat by Paddy Power bookmakers. Can we look to the local residents for support, advice and active participation in campaigning against the closure of the Hope Public House.”


The Chair said that the Community Council could ask for an update from the licensing department; and asked ‘The Lane’ ward councillors to liaise with residents about this issue.



ACTION: Richard Parkinsto provide an update concerning ‘The Hope’ pub for the next Community Council meeting.


ACTION: ‘The Lane’ ward councillors to liaise with residents about the possible closure of the ‘The Hope’ pub.