Agenda item

Community Evidence

The deadline for community evidence on the theme is 11.59pm Thursday 9 July 2020.  Submissions can be emailed to


Submissions from the public will be distributed in a supplemental agenda.


The meeting received submissions from the following:


Southwark Together: Council Response to COVID-19 pandemic


  • Felicia Boshorin, Central Southwark Community Hub
  • Chris Price, Pecan
  • Eloise Dickens, Anima Youth


Southwark Stands Together: Southwark’s commitment to tackle racial inequalities


  • Nicholas Okwulu
  • Ebenezer Mensah
  • Dr Victor Olisa QPM 

·  Ayesha Ahmad, Joshua Moses, Dominique Manshadi, Umu Lamina, Anita Iyi; Southwark Scholars

  • Oliur Rahman, Active Communities Network

·  Ayesha Ahmad 

·  Dominique Manshadi


They each spoke to the meeting for three minutes. Cabinet members committed to respond to questions in writing following the meeting.

Supporting documents: