Agenda item

Ofsted Progress Report - Ofsted Focused Visit January 2019




1.  That the contents of the Ofsted letter following the focused visit on 15 and 16 January 2019 (Appendix 1 of the report) be noted.


2.  That the evidence of consistent progress and improvement with services for children in care since the last inspection in March 2017 under the single inspection framework be noted.


3.  The following comments were made in respect of the report:


·  The committee welcomed the positive report.

·  Mechanisms to audit the service. It was explained that plans were in place to undertake this including the use of peer reviews.

·  Issue discussed in respect of “analysis” of contact with young people and record keeping. The importance of building relationships was discussed by the committee which was considered the primary objective and the difficulty when balanced against the demands of record keeping requirements. The chair and vice-chair of Speakerbox also emphasised the importance of building a relationship and bond with young people in this contact (did not want to see this as a tick box exercise to fulfil the record keeping requirements).

·  The chair and vice-chair of Speakerbox were able to confirm in response to issues previously raised by young people on sibling contact that their magazine and publicity continues to raise the issue. Speakerbox had not received negative feedback in respect this issue recently. Indicated the need to recruit more young people to enhance contact and interest in relevant issues, which will in turn encourage greater participation by young people.


4.  That officers report back to the July corporate parenting committee on progress and including a response to the above issues discussed.

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