Agenda item

Scrutiny Arrangements 2018/19




1.  To note the size and composition of the Overview and Scrutiny committee, as agreed by annual council assembly.


2.  To appoint the following scrutiny sub-committees (to be known as commissions) based on the broad themes:


·  Healthy Communities

·  Community Safety

·  Local Economy and Life Long Learning

·  Housing and Environment


3.  That the following be appointed as chairs for the commissions:

Note: the chairs would be matched up to the specific commissions afterwards.


Councillor Barrie Hargrove

Councillor Leanne Werner

Councillor Jon Hartley

Councillor Helen Dennis


4.  That the following be appointed as vice chairs for the commissions:


  Healthy Communities Commission


Vice chair – Councillor David Noakes


Community Safety Commission


Vice chair – Councillor William Houngbo


Local Economy and Life Long LearningCommission


Vice chair – Councillor Victor Chamberlain


 Housing and Environment Commission


Vice chair – Councillor Graham Neale


5.  That Community Safety Commission to have responsibility for crime and disorder and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to have responsibility for health matters, given the statutory requirements.

Supporting documents: