Agenda item

Feedback from Speakerbox meeting


The committee received feedback from the Speakerbox meeting held October half term 2016 as follows:


·  Quality of sibling contact. Use of film and training for social workers discussed. Contact has been made with a group to progress filming and training is due to be set up for social workers. This is set in the context of understanding the complexities that can be present in the area of sibling contact. Reference also made for such contact to be ‘fun’ for the young people.

·  Web site. Development of new web site that will enable greater communication with young people and the use of possible surveys for the committee to become aware of the views from the wider care population. A future committee to discuss possible issues that might be the subject of any such surveys.

·  Golden rules. Work to promote these rules.


Speakerbox due to meet again in the February 2017 half term.