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A representative from Veolia, the council’s recycling contractor, to update the meeting on recycling in Southwark and to take questions.



Ian McGeough from Veolia, the council’s waste partner, gave an update about recycling in the borough. He told the meeting that there had been some improvements made to the recycling service: recycling bins were now mixed recycling containers, meaning that all recyclable materials could be put in together. Residents using the clear bag scheme would now receive regular rolls of the bags and these could now accept more materials. The labelling of the bags had been changed to reflect this. The blue box and bag scheme however, continued unchanged. The council could only recycle those materials for which there was a market. All other materials were taken to landfills or turned into energy from waste plants. He continued by saying that the council had set itself an aspirational target of recycling 50 percent of waste by 2020.

Residents asked questions about the recyclability of certain materials. Ian responded that the following materials were among those that are recyclable:

·  detachable container lids

·  envelopes with windows

·  cardboard (without cellotape)


While those that were not, included: 

·  jiffy bags

·  any packaging with food waste on it (including baking foil with a lot of oil or other residue on it)

·  laminated paper

·  juice cartons (these were, however, recyclable at five locations across the borough which were not managed by the council, the closest being Sainsbury’s car park at Dog Kennel Hill)

·  plastic foil which does not stay crumbled up

·  Japanese knotweed 


Following on from questions by Members and residents, Ian also explained that there was a used paint sharing scheme in operation at the Manor Place Depot, SE17 which recycled all types of non-hazardous paints; and that recycling leaflets were distributed once a year. He explained that the contract he was responsible for dealt with residential recycling only, and that recycling issues related to businesses were dealt with by Southwark’s enforcement department who could request proof of a waste contract from a business.


ACTION: Ian McGeough to attend a future Community Council meeting to give a further update about recycling.


The Chair informed the meeting that an invitation to the relevant cabinet member had been sent, in response to discussions at previous Community Council meetings; and that this meant that recycling would be back on the agenda for a future meeting.



ACTION: Chair to invite the Cabinet member for transport, environment and recycling to a future Community Council meeting.


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