Agenda and minutes

Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Community Council
Monday 20 February 2017 6.30 pm

Venue: Docklands Settlement, 400 Salter Road, Rotherhithe, SE16 5LJ

Contact: Tim Murtagh, Constitutional Officer 

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Cleaner Greener Safer: Funding Reallocation


Cleaner Greener Safer Capital Programme 2017-18

    Note: This is an executive function for decision by the community council.


    Michelle Normanly, Senior Project Manager, to present.


    Councillors to consider the recommendations contained in the report.

    Supporting documents:


    Note: This is an executive function for decision by the community council.


    Councillors considered the information contained in the report.




    That the following allocation of funds for the 2017-18 cleaner greener safer (CGS) capital programme in the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Community Council area be approved:


    Grange ward    Funding

    Bermondsey hanging baskets     £12,000

    Bermondsey Village Hall storage    £8,000

    Hide the rubbish bins    £8,450

    Swan Mead path way    £10,400

    Vauban Estate Green leisure area    £8,000

    Rouel Road Est. and Eveline Lowe Est. signage    £7,200

    Yalding Road bike lockers    £3,600

    Goodwin Close bike lockers    £5,994

    Vesta Court bike hangar    £4,875

    Harold Estate fly-tipping busters    £4,950

    Stevens Street motorcycle parking    £4,320

    Better Stevens Street community planting day    £6,550

    St. Saviours Est. - Where are your boards    £5,000

    Bringing our garden alive!    £5,400

    Planters for TBR    £4,810



    Livesey ward    Funding

    Silverlock TRA notice boards    £2,730

    Silverlock Estate play area    £31,900

    Livesey hanging baskets     £4,799

    Ledbury Estate ball court refurbishment    £14,495



    Riverside ward    Funding

    Bermondsey hanging baskets    £14,000

    Evergreen tupman    £10,923

    Cherry Garden Hall new door    £2,050

    Cherry Garden Street pedestrian safety    £3,250

    Arnold Est. improvements, grot spot to hot spot    £12,500

    Druid Street, street lighting improvements    £12,000

    BARGE (Bermondsey and Riverside garden)    £3,250

    Findlater’s Corner cleaning and lighting    £5,000

    Casby House forecourt improvements    £7,096

    Codgers planters    £1,860

    Arnold Estate beautiful balconies    £2,270

    Shad Thames zigzag bench    £14,040

    New toys and equipment for soft play sessions    £2,745



    Rotherhithe ward    Funding

    Brydale House benches and play    £3,871

    Hawkstone Estate football pitch     £7,000

    Bicycle lockers / hangars for Kirby Estate    £6,500

    Ann Moss Way / Neptune Street cycle hangar    £5,000

    Gomm Road Estate security lights    £6,625

    Gataker House green sheds     £2,730

    Blossom Square    £10,000

    Bringing Common Terns back to Rotherhithe    £2,600

    King George’s Field heraldic panels and

    interpretation board     £6,500

    West Lane mem. gardens interpretation board    £3,250

    Mayflower 400 priority 3 improved safety, signage,

    cleanliness and information    £6,500

    Mayflower 400 priority 4 improved grounds,

    maintenance of green space in focus area    £10,400

    Green living    £1,080

    Secure mesh for an observation hive    £540

    CGP London community garden refurbishment    £15,450

    Brunel Museum riverside gardens    £5,240

    Solar panel installation    £16,150



    South Bermondsey     Funding

    Bermondsey hanging baskets    £16,000

    A deterrent for a safer, cleaner estate    £6,500

    Manor Estate park redevelopment / re-design    £16,000

    Rennie project 16 table tennis    £9,100

    Rennie project 3 cycle lockers    £8,000

    A safer walk for all    £5,000

    Rouel Road Est. and Eveline Lowe Est. signage    £7,200

    Rockgrove sheltered unit gardener’s club    £1,000

    Fixture fans for Setchell and Longfield Hall    £2,900

    Paterson park notice board    £3,000

    Living walls     £9,100

    Cleaning up the green spaces around Unity Court    £5,850

    Restoring the Bermondsey Lion plinth    £1,074



    Surrey Docks    Funding

    Blossom Square    £10,000

    Bringing Common Terns back to Rotherhithe    £2,600

    Finland Street bike locker    £10,000

    Osprey Estate cycle parking     £9,450

    Elgar Estate playground regeneration    £25,000

    Pearson’s Park outdoor gymnasium lighting    £18,000

    Docklands Settlements community cabin    £10,800

    Creating a Green hub at Surrey Docks Farm    £8,800

    The Poet’s Bridge    £5,400

    Surrey Docks environmental improvement fund    £2,214