Agenda and minutes

Tuesday 5 February 2019 4.00 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Meeting Room G02C - 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QH

Contact: Paula Thornton  Phone: 020 7525 4395 Email:

No. Item




Notification of any items of Business which the Chair Deems Urgent

    In special circumstances, an item of business may be added to an agenda within five clear working days of the meeting.


    The chair gave notice of the following late item:


    Item 11:  Policy and Resources Strategy 2019-20


    Reasons for urgency and lateness will be specified in the relevant minute.


Notice of Intention to conduct business in a closed meeting, and any representations received


Disclosure of Interests and Dispensations

    Members to declare any interests and dispensations in respect of any item of business to be considered at this meeting.


    Councillor Peter John declared a non-pecuniary interest in respect of item 9: Policy and resources strategy – capital monitoring report, including capital programme update 2018-19 as chair of governors at Riverside primary school and confirmed his intention to withdraw from the meeting while this item was being discussed.


Public Question Time (15 Minutes)

    To receive any questions from members of the public which have been submitted in advance of the meeting in accordance with the cabinet procedure rules. The deadline for the receipt of a public question is midnight Wednesday 30 January 2019.


    There were no public questions.




Deputation Requests


Gateway 0 - Strategic Options Assessment for 2020 - Parking and Traffic Enforcement and Related Services Options and Contract Procurement Strategy


Policy and Resources Strategy: Capital Monitoring Report, including Capital Programme Update 2018-19


Policy and Resources Strategy: Revenue Monitoring Report, including Treasury Management 2018-19

    To note the general fund outturn forecast for 2018-19 and associated issues.


    To approve general fund budget movements that exceed £250,000.

    Supporting documents:




    1.  That the following be noted:


    ·  the general fund outturn forecast for 2018-19 of £0.354m under spend, before application of the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) deficit (Table 1 of the report)

    ·  the continuing pressures on the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG), £7.0m in 2018-19 (paragraphs 21 to 22 of the report)

    ·  cost pressures in housing and modernisation, largely relating to temporary accommodation (£3.5m) and No Recourse to Public Funds (£0.6m) (paragraph 25 to 32 of the report)

    ·  the £4m contingency is utilised in full to mitigate the impact of cost pressures within temporary accommodation and No Recourse to Public Funds (paragraph 40 of the report)

    ·  the general fund outturn forecast indicates a net increase in reserves of £7.0m (paragraphs 51 to 55 and Table 3 of the report), excluding DSG reserve (paragraphs 21 to 22 of the report), arising principally as a result of the creation of the London Devolution Deal Reserve (paragraphs 56 – 57 of the report)

    ·  the housing revenue account forecast set out in Table 2 of the report (paragraphs 42 to 50 of the report)

    ·  the treasury management activity to date in 2018-19 (paragraphs 58 to 60 of the report).


    2.  That the general fund budget movements that exceed £250,000, as shown in Appendix A of the report be approved.


    3.  That it be noted that allocations from the London Devolution Deal Reserve were presented within the policy and resources budget report 2019-20, considered by cabinet on 22 January 2019.


Policy and Resources Strategy 2019-20

    To consider recommendations relating to the policy and resources strategy 2019-20.

    Supporting documents:


    The report had not been circulated five clear days in advance of the meeting. The chair agreed to accept the report as urgent as cabinet were required to prepare a budget proposal for submission to council assembly. This was the last cabinet meeting before council assembly on 27 February 2019.  The council were required to set a lawful budget by 11 March 2019. 


    Councillor Bill Williams, chair of the overview and scrutiny committee attended the meeting to present the committee’s recommendations.




    1.  That the recommendations considered at cabinet on 22 January 2019 be noted, and that it be noted that this report has been amended accordingly.


    2.  That it be noted that the 22 January 2019 report was considered by overview and scrutiny committee on 28 January 2019, and that the response to the recommendations arising be agreed (paragraphs 102 – 104 of the report).


    3.  That it be noted that the final local government finance settlement published on 29 January 2019 was unchanged from the provisional settlement published in December (paragraph 24 of the report).


    4.  That the additional grant of £0.105m in 2018-19 and 2019-20 to support preparations for Brexit (paragraph 28 of the report) be noted.


    5.  That it be noted that this report presents the final balanced general fund budget proposals for 2019-20 including:


    ·  Efficiencies and improved use of resources savings of £13.905m (Appendix C of the report)

    ·  Income generation proposals of £4.810m (Appendix D of the report)

    ·  Savings impacting on services of £0.900m (Appendix E of the report)

    ·  Commitments and growth of £16.206m (Appendix F of the report)

    ·  Pay Award and contractual inflation of £8.450m; and

    ·  Debt financing costs of £3.809m.


    6.  That this balanced one-year 2019-20 budget be submitted to council assembly for approval.


    7.  That the fees and charges as set out in Appendix G of the report (paragraphs 92 – 94 of the report) be agreed.


    8.  That it be noted that in the summer 2019 cabinet will receive a refreshed outlook of the financial position and specifically an update on local government financing in 2020-21 and beyond.


    NOTE: In accordance with overview and scrutiny procedure rule 16.2 (a) (budget and policy framework) decisions 1-6 are not subject to call-in.


Exclusion of the Press and Public

That the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in category 3 of paragraph 10.4 of the access to information procedure rules of the Southwark Constitution.


The following is a summary of the decisions taken in the closed part of the meeting.






That the minutes of the closed section of the meeting held on 22 January 2019 be approved as a correct record and signed by the chair.